Force 8 is a creative collective of artists, writers, designers and musicians founded by Anna Best and Hester Schofield in 2016 to promote a culture of thinking  and progressive dialogue through contemporary art that will inspire people in Bridport and the surrounding area.

Our pilot project at the Methodist Chapel – Mission Space –  aimed to arouse interest in the collective. We had envisaged an informal think tank to explore the holiday experience alongside relevant contemporary issues for our community.  We aimed for a curiosity shop, a place of thoughts and dreams, to conjure up ideas, to inspire and share  with others…. an off-line place of potential.

For 6 weeks we hosted an evolving programme, including artists talks, new performance work, walking tours, mini residencies and discussions. Film screenings were successful and were conjoined with informal discussions after the screening, often with the artist or director present.  The chapel space was noted for its brilliant acoustic, its character as both an intimate and safe space, and  a laboratory or testing station for artists ideas. We presented over 50 artists work and hosted a series of residencies at The Mothership in conjunction.

At the beginning of this year we enjoyed several Mothership artist’s talks at Bridport Arts Centre, including Helen Robertson and duo Ellie Johnson Bullock + Sam Ford as CHAMP. Thanks to Megan Durnford. We curated a day of Mission Space films  in Bridport in January and have held the second camp at The Mothership at midsummer.

We are planning an event at Hooke Park on November 17th (save the date!) which invites curator Teresa Gleadowe  from Cornwall to share her ambitious strategies for an arts ecology there, including CAST and Cornwall Workshop.

We are currently  discussing a sustainable future with funding and support with Culture Plus at The Arts Development Company.

We welcome new members, please get in contact!